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So I love it when people were like to use my songs for their own thing and put their own creative spin on it. I remember going through YouTube one day. I looked up Death Bed. Every video that was popping up was made in the Philippines and they’re doing their own version. It was just so many covers of it and I was like, well, this is kind of cool and I listen to them. And they’d like the other do their own twist on it, which was sick. Seeing it in different countries is crazy. I watch a lot of romantic movies like cringe stuff that Nicholas Sparks writes, but I love that stuff. And I feel inspired by that. Some of it is personal things that’ve happened to me with past relationships and stuff and current relationships as well. It was about over a year ago when I found the beat. I’ll just surf and SoundCloud like I always did. I came across the beat better Pop who produced it and a sampling Beabadoobee.

I was like, this sounds freaking sick. I listen to the hook and try to make the lyrics sound like Rico with the hook. Well, when I originally released it. It took a while for it to gain traction. So is about within five months I would say is when it start picking up on YouTube and it started getting a crap ton of views. I was like oh dang it’s actually doing something. I find it easier when I rap in the person’s shoes and pretend, it’s me. I’m just talking basically according to somebody who’s on their deathbed. They wish that they weren’t and they wish they could continue their life with the person they love, but it didn’t end up that way. I’m trying to tell you that I wasn’t perfect in multiple ways, basically. I might not be going to Heaven for all the bad things I’ve done. It could be anything. It could be cheating, could be drugs, could be alcohol. So I’m just kind of apologizing for it.

I just kind of merged it, into my kind of life. And what I would be feeling if that situation was happening in my life at this point. I’m 20 years old and a lot of my viewers are also around the same age as me. So I feel like the connect more with it. I’ve been really blessed. Basically, I grew up in a home with three younger siblings who all care for me. I have two loving parents. So basically that’s like super blessed compared to a lot of people. So that’s what I was talking about at that point. When a lot of my songs will talk about flashbacks and memories, ’cause those things mean a lot to me and I feel looking back on things brings nice feelings. And that I’m thankful for it. I never heard of Beabadoobee until I heard the beat and then I looked more into her stuff. And I realize that she has some sick songs.

When I first heard it. She was talking about– It kinda just sounds like her boyfriend, whatever is sleeping. And she’s getting him a cup of coffee, which I feel like is the way most people would look at it. And that’s how I looked at it first too. But then I kinda want to add my twist to it. And kinda make it a deeper meaning and so I looked at it from the standpoint of the person is dying. I don’t drink coffee too much. I’ll have it every so often when I go to church, but that’s about it. I actually don’t tear up too much. Before I had my girlfriend. I didn’t cry for like three years straight probably. I feel like when I’m with a girl though, I get more emotional and she kinda brings out all the deep things. I and my girlfriend will just film random stuff. Make Tik-toks and stuff and obviously think it’s hilarious. I and my girlfriend will always take her dogs for a walk. So we’ll go down to this big park that’s by her house whatever. We’ll walk through there.

Every time we hang out, usually. So I grew up going to church. Every Sunday, I’ll go with my family. And I actually met my girlfriend at church. So that’s how we connected. And then Monday is like– Weekdays we usually just chill watch movies together and do all that stuff. My favourite movie of all time is Dear John. Because it just– The story is amazing. I think as really deep and emotional for me. And he also has problems with his dad, which is really sad. Another good show that I would recommend. I don’t watch too much Anime, but it’s called “I want to Eat Your Pancreas.” And it kinda has the same vibe as they’re in a relationship and the girl ends up dying.


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