I had almost just broken up with the last girl. It was kinda quick and I was just telling myself I’m not gonna do this again. And then I just started feeling crazy because I was jumping right back into it. Like a fool. When KC, Taz and I were allin the room, Charlie had laid down some guitar. I just heard the guitar and I really liked it. It just felt, I dunno, it kinda made me tear up a little bit for some reason, it was pretty, bro. It happened in two hours, man. We just started, we were really on, I dunno. It just worked out. It just felt good. The whole energy in the room was great. I’m not trying to argue or whatever. I hate that, so much. But just dealing with that whenever like nothing you say can be taken the right way.

I hate that, and I just was like, yo, I’m never doing this again. I met her driving school, actually. She was just cool. She had this weird sarcastic attitude, I guess. And I don’t know, we were just always picking on each other like that. And then she was cute, you know? And I was just like, “Damn, dude, here we go again.” I don’t really know when it’s the right time to give someone my everything. But I guess you just tend to do it and then see if it works out. I try to listen and give my time and just effort. You know, things that I usually wouldn’t just give to anybody. I’m not gonna just spend my time and try to impress people. I don’t really care about them, you know? The verse was almost freestyle ideas that I was having because my phone kept doing this iCloud fool thing. It was killing me. Talk to me, I need to hear you need me as I need you, you know. It’s the, I want you to let me know how you feel.

And then the fall for me, most the time it’s one or the other. Or it’s one, talk, it talks most of the time. I feel like this could get confused because I’m from Houston. I wasn’t talking about lean, or anything, I was just high school and just moody. I and my ex broke up, and I was like, “Uh, whatever.” So I was just going to hang out with friends and drinking like, oh, whatever. I was just trying to distract myself from the feeling, really. The original was fall again. And then they started saying forget. So I changed it in the lyrics. Because there was a lyric video that came out and it had started getting some plays. They had to forget. And then so people started saying forget at the shows. And then I was like, “All right.” But I still tend to say fall again. But the way I say it, I mumble it. But they really do the same thing. So the things that would make me make an exception.

I guess it changes over time. As I get older and everything, I start to appreciate certain things more. Obviously, I want to be attracted to her but it’s not nearly as much about physical looks and stuff as much as it used to be. I like when girls can pick back at me. ‘Cause I don’t know why I’ll just be picking on them and then they pick back, it’s always fun. It just works out like that. When we can joke with each other and not take everything way too serious, that’s the number one thing. Because if I can’t enjoy my time, if I’m like, uh, I can make a joke right now, ’cause she’ll get pissed, then probably not the move in the long run. It contradicts everything, almost, in the song. But that’s the whole point of the song is the back and forth in my headspace. I just felt that was a great way to end it and such a strong, I almost scream it. It’s very drowned out and reverbs. And that’s just the thoughts in the back of my head. Like, “Yo, you’re tripping, bro. “Chill out.” (laughs) Don’t do this. 


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