I like butts and I think about butts and I felt like making a butt song. Because I made a booby song, so I was like, “All right, let me just make a butt song.” Sometimes I do songs pretty fast but this one was like, we knocked out both the verses in one day. And the hook and everything. It just ended up being, a masterpiece. With the remix that we did with Tyga, that came about pretty naturally and really fast, actually. He’s one of the fastest writers I know. The same day, he sent it right back and killed it. It was amazing. To keep my figure looking the way it does, I have a diet of two-pound lobsters, Chick-fil-A, chicken, kale, Caesar salads, Oreos and Capri Sun. I don’t eat fruit. So as fruity as the video was, I don’t eat fruit. Plump booties are fire because one, they’re just fire. They’re also round and shaped like hearts if you turn them upside down, so that’s what’s cool about that. I like both. I like everything. Some people got fake plump booty. Some people got real plump booties.

So whichever one you like, like whatever you want. I always had a big butt. I can see mine from the front. At certain moments, I’ll be in the mirror. I’ll be like, “Ah.” It’s pretty cute in my opinion. But thing is, it’s like a peekaboo to whats next. So once you see it from the front, that’s cool, but like wait until you see it from the back because that’s when it gets crazy. So when I was like, “He like the Doja with the Cat, yeah. He likes it thick. He likes it fast, yeah,” that was just me saying, “He likes the Doja with the Cat, yeah. He likes it thick, he likes it fat, yeah, “.That’s what that really means though. Some people wouldn’t know that, but that the mystery behind those. When I am with a guy, Genius, I like when he wants more and more. If he leaves the next morning… I’m not a huge fan of guys who like hit and quit. So boom.

These pants are easy and these are a medium, and they fit like a medium. They fit me, but sometimes I’ll put on pants and they fit me, but I’m not walking normally. I’m walking like Mr Crabs. I’m just like this all day, or I can’t sit down, so I kind of just sit. I’m just like this in a chair, and that is not fun. So shout out to all the brands who make pants that are the actual correct measurements and whatnot for me. I’m not selling myself. I don’t buy it where the cellulite comes from. That can’t be real because there are no dimples in it. It can’t be real. There are some girls though that don’t have cellulite naturally. Shout out to all of those girls, and a shout out to all the girls with cellulite because that’s cool too. I have that. If you haven’t already seen it, I parade it around a lot on the video, so go check out the remix. There was a rapper who said something about, “Can’t trust a big booty and a smile.” I really don’t even know. To be on my own, lyrics are beyond me. I’m not trying to Google. I’m just going to be an irresponsible and disrespectful23-year-old who doesn’t know music, and that’s my life.

The church line, or attend the mass line was from he’s worshipping my butt and there’s a lot of butt worshipers out there. The bend and snap line is from Legally Blonde. I thought that would be fun and cute ‘cause it rhymed too. Buffie with the body I feel like I used to go on YouTube a lot and I’d see clips of her. She was the big booty girl. She just has a really big booty. I slipped into my Savage, so I slipped into my Fenty, Rihanna Savage. And then I came over like a walkie. So over like when someone says over, I do know, my brain goes in many different directions, but over like a walkie, I came over like a walkie. He eats my fish like Tekamaki like a side of me with Saki means he eats my coochie like Teka Maki, like a side of me with sake. Maybe we’re getting lit the same… Maybe we maybe… No, I should not say what is about to say. The guy’s going down on me and then he maybe has Sake on the side.

It just was fitting for that line, like TekaMaki side of me was Saki put them in my mouth and suck it out like edamame because you eat edamame next to sushi. The hourglass Coke bottle body line was just kind of reminiscent of another song that I probably don’t know the name of or artists of. I just know it in my mind.I swear this happens every single time. But hour glass Coke bottle body, I got that. We got time, you’re right on that. Just means like to take your time with it. Because there’s a lot, well that you got to deal with a lot you got to handle. He eats the coochy and in the night he can see that. He sees it in the dark. I don’t know what that means but in the ride he keeps that running. Don’t know what that means either. Was going to act as I did, but I don’t even know what that means either. He keeps the car running. He wastes gas. Thought I’d add that at the end of the song that he just, I like guys who waste gas and battery in their car. So there you go. Oh, it looks like you take 45 minutes to put your pants on, girl. Damn. Damn, girl. Damn, you look good. You look uncomfortable, girl. I like that.


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