I think it’s incredibly important to have equality for all and also, the song is fun as well. But at the end of the day, I really wanted to give off a message of its not just kings who can be in charge. It can be queens and we can have equality for all and that’s the world I think we’re going towards. And I don’t think it’s 100% there yet, but definitely almost there and I think we have a lot of work to do but this song maybe motivates even the guys to kind of like, hey make some room for the women. I grew up, I mean, Albanian household. My parents didn’t know any English. They came to this country with nothing. I mean my dad rolled jeans as a pillow growing up for months ’cause he didn’t have the money to buy a pillow. So I saw them struggle and I saw them not treated fairly. At school, as well, I mean I was never accepted. I was bullied and I think a lot of people can relate to that. School is never easy but it teaches us to be kind, most of us or some still stay bullies.

Now you see a lot of bullying videos online and it breaks my heart and it really makes me feel like we are not even close to where we need to be with equality and I think we need to spread the message through music and I think music is the best way to spread the message ’cause you can have fun with it but also be like, “Hey, we’re doing something wrong. “We need to accept everyone.” And that’s why my music, personally, can’t just be about love. It needs to be about taking care of one another and love for each other and support for one another. “Kings and Queens” is all about enjoying yourself and having a party and just really rejoicing with everybody. Really if all the queens were in charge, I think we would definitely party more and have equality. Fighting, to me personally, in this line, I don’t think it needs to be an angry thing. I think it’s more so, in the song, fighting as a celebration. We’re fighting for equality. We’re fighting for freedom. We’re fighting for the queens to be in charge. Make some way, we’re coming in and we’re coming in strong. None of us can do things alone. It always takes a team, right? You always should collaborate with somebody. You can’t even, like when I was younger I always thought I could do all this on my own, right? No, it’s like we need each other. We need the support of each other and it’s okay to accept that and it’s okay to have help. And also, with a lot of kings, they kinda don’t want the support of their women.

But you know, in my family, my dad always told me the man is the head but the woman is the neck that turns the head. You know, she’s fed up at this point. She’s like, you know, make some way. Kings needs their queens. And at the end of the day,queens can just be queens without their king too, as well. So I think people need to accept that and I can feel my body shake is really about how frustrated, as girls and females, we are. We’re just like “Ah, you know. “We can take care of ourselves, we got this. “We can take over the world.” I always joke and I say no damsel in distress because when I would date, here and there, you know they would try to like rescue me and be like, “Come move in with me. ‘Come live with me.” I’m like, “Nah, Nah, Nah. “I didn’t ask for your help. “I got my place, I can be independent.” I am no damsel in distress. So personally, that really hit home and I had to put it in the song. If we did have it, I feel like we would have more balls. I’m horrible but it’s true. I feel like women can multitask. I’m like, “We’re fucking strong as fuck.” Women are strong as fuck, let’s be real. If anyone disagrees with that, you’re out. Peace. Everybody can do something to change the world whether it’s picking up a plastic bottle you see on the floor or on the street and you just throw it in the recycling bin or trash can or whatever, like picking it up and taking care of Earth, I think that’s important. I think we can all change the world if we all do it, one by one. But it does start with us and it starts with us really believing it and manifesting it.

I believe in manifestation a lot. It’s crazy to have the recognition after over 10 years of trying so hard to have my music connect and putting music out and not going anywhere and just feeling like, “Uh, is this ever gonna work?” So it is a weird feeling. But to me, I do feel stronger than I’ve ever been because of the fact that I have been through, again, experiences. Experiences I feel like make you stronger. So you have to go through the downs, as cliché as that sounds, and horrible as that sounds, you have to go through downs to respect where you’re at and really grow as a person and I truly believe that. So when I was younger, I used to play chess with my grandfather. And, just like in chess, it is true that in fact, a king can move one space at a time and the queen is free to go wherever she likes. So in fact, in chess, it is true. And in real life, I think so to. (laughs) Okay, going back to multitasking, women can multitask like crazy. Am I right? Am I right? Like, I think it’s crazy. And then in chess, they even made it in chess that a man can only move one space at a time. Like, how ironic is that?


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