There’s like blueberry, raspberry Faygo, some shit like that. That shit fire, but I didn’t know, I didn’t even know that was a drink at the time. I have been getting, like, the cotton candy one and that’s the kinda light blue. You take like some Work hard, some purple drink, put that in there. It’s light blue so it’ll turn, like, you know, dark blue blueberry type shit. But I don’t do that no more, feel me. I’ve been sober for like a couple of months now. I don’t even smoke no more. That’s good, we lit. Don’t do drugs, that shit not good for you. I mean, I’m not sure how I got leaked, but it got leaked and then it was out for like a couple of months. Like, just a leaked song, my label kept taking it down, but then people just kept putting it back up under random names and stuff. At first, I was like, damn, kinda fucking my shit up, but then once it started blowing up and it was trending, bitch, I was like, alright well, I mean, it’s kind of a blessing because I wouldn’t have known it was going to do what it did.

In like January, that’s when it was like, alright, at the end of December we were like, yeah, we gotta put this out because it’s starting to go crazy. It took a minute to clear it, but we finally got it cleared. I was just talking about one bad bitch that I got, but I got like 10 girlfriends. My ninth girlfriend, she said, she like when I talk about girls like they some bitches and shit. But you know, my one of my girlfriends, she said she don’t like that shit. I don’t really like talking about my pockets like that, but like, when you sign deals and shit, you get a lot of money. Just straight to your bank account, wired. So, you know what I’m doing, getting to the racks, is all I can say. You know, I’m cashing out, going to buy some jewellery, some shit. Endorse me, because y’all got some free ass promo and shit.

People be asking me, like, I don’t know what that is, but it’s a drink, it’s a soda. I feel like they only really sell that shit in the hood, though. So I feel like, I don’t know, not a lot of people know what that is. At my crib, I got some cash there, you know, but I just came to do this “Genius” interview. You know, I don’t really, I’m just going to fuck around, lose some shit. Spend it on shit I don really need to be buying. So, I don’t really like carrying cash like that. You know, that’s one of my closest bros. That’s my cousin, that’s my blood cousin. That’s my real cousin, so like, I’ve known him my whole life. I said his name in “Noticed”, too. I don’t know, every time I say his name, that shit be going stupid, I don’t know why. If you don’t know who he is, you asleep right now, because he’s definitely about to blow up soon. Because he’s fire. He doesn’t even be in the studio that much, he’s just naturally that good at music. She starts rubbing on you like this, like, “You hard right now?” Bitch, fuck are you talking about? That’s my Glock. Before this music shit, I was always selling drugs and shit. So like, I mean, that’s a trap house. Do you feel me? That’s where a trap star would be.

Okay, you know, a rock star. You just that nigga, put you in the trap shit. I don’t know, shit just is coming in my head. I just pfft pfft, it’s money. It’s a money machine. Gucci is definitely one of my favourite brands. I feel like they haven’t been making any new shit. They have, but like, I don’t really like that. Air Force Ones are always, you know, mandatory. These were custom, but they were made from a Dior x Kaws bag. The first time I felt like a winner, probably, you know, back when I was like 14 when I first kinda blowing up on SoundCloud and shit. People started treating me a little differently. Now, they treat me a lot different. I’m a star now, so, shit, I’m lit. I will be going to the colleges out there, or some parties out there. That shit is a movie. They are acting crazy out there, but it’s lit though. I fuck with it when I’m out there, you know. I feel like, in Seattle get the most love. I mean, everywhere they show love, but Seattle, like, everyone knows me. Even if like I go to the store, it can be people that would usually come up to me. Like, older people, like adults and shit, can even come up to me and shit.

Everywhere else, it’s not really like that as much. You know, it’s more just like kids and shit. Last time I was there, I went to like two big colleges in Washington was playing. They had like a little tailgate, something. And it was just hella people in the alleyway. They put us to like up here, behind some crib or some shit. So, I was like overlooking everything. Because like when I was down there, it was too crazy. I couldn’t even walk nowhere. People were just wild. Some nigga threw some shit, and it like hit the wall. We wilded out all night nigga. 


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