Party Girl

I mean, it just depends, really. It’s no specific party girl,but girl like to have fun, she like to party, she a party girl. It’s either you is or you not. If you wanna be a partygirl, then come over here and join the team or something, like, we got abunch of them over here. I used to be on thephone with this shawty. She used to tell me all this wild shit. She be drunk, high, all this. I be high too. And then we just clicked. Then yeah, gave me an idea for the song. Really, I mean, it alljust happened natural. I didn’t do anything butpost it on Instagram.

Everybody just startedmaking different Lomotifs, Flipagrams, Dubsmash, TikToks. I didn’t even know what the fuck a TikTok was. People calling my phone, “Oh,you going crazy on TikTok, “your song on TikTok,” duh duh duh. So that’s when I finallymade a TikTok account, started seeing it. I think I’m the number onetrending song, I don’t know. Something like that. Something like that. There’s no real wifey type, Imean, you like what you like. At the end of the day, yougon’ want who you want, no matter what. If you like ’em, you like ’em. If I love somebody, it could be friend, family, girlfriend, relationship, anything. No matter what you do,I’m still gon’ love you. I can’t take that away. I’ma love you for you,that’s why I love you, ’cause you’re you. Piped up just mean like turnt up, like one day I went to a basketball game.

And this girl told me, she like, something something something, “Oh, you pipe.” And I looked at her like,”What you talking about?” Like, “What do that mean?” And she like “Oh, you turnt, you turnt.” So when I was writing the song,I don’t even use that word, but you know, sometimes you gotta throw a little twist in there. I just threw that word inthere, “You too piped up.” No matter all these problemsI listed in the song about this girl, or no matter what I said, I still love you for you. So I’m willing to take whatever comes with you, ’cause I want you. Lot of girls, when they partyingand turning up and stuff, they feel like, “Oh, I don’t need no man, “I don’t need no nigga,”’cause she too busy turning up, having fun, she not worried about no man. She living her life. Money, cars, all that’sjust materialistic. I could go get that easily, you know, if I grind right, I’ma get it. With love, you could do everything right, that don’t mean you gon’ get it. Love is way deeper thananything else on this world. Love, that’s some crazy shit. I don’t know, bruh. Love, that’s some wholeother shit right there. The girl I got the idea off of, she don’t got asthma or nun. She got like, I don’t know what she got. She got some type of breathing problem to where she gotta takemedicine every day.

The girl in the song I’m talking about, she like to do drugs, too. So she boo’d up off the meds, like she can’t breathe without it, that’s because the actual girl who gave me the idea for the song can’t breathe without her medicine. So it’s like a little joke inthere, on some shit like that. I don’t drink at all. I hate drinking, that shitjust make me feel slouchy, just slow, sluggish. I feel like I need tobe on 10 all the time. So I hate drinking. I don’t know how Four Lokos. That’s just some catchy shit to say. But it could be anything. She could be fucking withanything but Hennessy. I get down with the Hennessy, but anything other thanHennessy, I can’t get with those. I can’t get with none of that. All right, so it’s been a lot of, lot of, lot of controversy about this. Basically toto is like,’cause my dad Puerto Rican. So I was raised with a little,you know what I’m sayin’, little Hispanic, little twist in there. So basically toto is like, vagina, but it’s for like, if you’retalking to a little kid, you don’t wanna say vagina,you don’t wanna say, yeah, that. But you gon’ say toto. I tell her I love her, she don’t know what love means, so if I try to love her, she’s not gonna know how to react to it. She gon’ fuck it up. That’s social media shit. I feel like that place of being influenced on how relationships are handled these days, how people go about relationships, how people meet up, how all that, it’s just changed everything. Changed morals, changed principles. It’s a wall. No matter what I do, it’s a wall. I can’t get to your love. It’s too far, and ain’t shit I could do.

I just gotta take the L. A lot of people startexperimenting with relationships, middle school, high school type shit. People get in these early relationships, thinkin’ this shit gon’ last long. They fuck up, now you justruined your whole image of love. Now somebody cheated on youin your first relationship, you think every nigga gon’ cheat on you. You think every shawty gon’ cheat on you. You think every relationshipis gonna go how that, ’cause you just fucked upyour whole image of love. So that’s where the trust issues come in. If you ’bout to dosomething with somebody, and they say they don’tdo this often, they lyin’. She lyin’ to me, but I love her, so I don’t know she lyin’. I think she really don’t dothis often the whole time. And then she tell me,”You’re the one who want it, “so if we have sex, if wefuck, if we do whatever, “you can’t call me a ho, ’cause you’re the one whowant it in the first place.” We weren’t fucking with each other, no, but we had a nice little connection. So every time I calledher, you know, she answer. Everybody else call meRock, she said hell no. I don’t know, lot of girls just feel like that’s for the side chicks, like, “Nigga, I’m not gon’call you by your nickname.

“I’ma call you by your real name.” So I don’t know, some girlslike it, some girls don’t, but if I tell you call me Rocky, and all the girls call me Rocky, and you the only one that say, “I’m not gon’ call you thatshit,” you gon’ stand out. I mean, literally in the song, I didn’t say not one goodthing about that girl. But I still want her though. You come with all these problems, you did this, you did this,you don’t do this often, you duh duh duh duh. All that shit. But I still want you though,I still want you, bitch. I still love you, thatdon’t change nothing.


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