My name was actually Poppa. Let me stop it.I’m Panamanian, so my grandma calls me Papa like since a kid. But my name on the street when I was a kid was Smoke Oh Guap. That was my IG. So the homeboys didn’t want to call me Papa, so they called me Pop and you just mix the Pop with the Smoke and it just…came as one. I made “Welcome to the Party” in my crib.It took like 30 minutes. I don’t know how I came across it, I was just on YouTube and it just came across and I just clicked it. I don’t really write like that. I don’t write at all, to be honest. I just go in there and go crazy. I always got people around me who to do different things, know what I’m saying? So my bro Al was just around, just like “You know how to do this?” He like “Yeah bro” and it just went from there. If we got something in common, welcome to the party. Did you shot a nigga? Welcome to the party. Oh, you get bitches? Welcome to the party. I’m from Canarsie, Brooklyn.

Where we get the money at. When you be at the party you be teed up, there’s no telling what are you gonna do, know what I’m saying? Just free. Fearless. I’ve seen a lot of niggas in foreign whips, but I never seen a young nigga in a foreign whip. First young nigga I seen in a foreign whip is my son Jezzy Mullah, understand, I saw him moving around ‘Ferraris, Bentleys, know what I’m saying, drop top Royce. So it’s like when I saw shit like that, that’s flossy right there. It’s definitely motivation. That got nothing to do with no girls. It could, but that’s some street shit. That just means I’m with whatever. I’m with everything, likeI’m with it all, what you want to do? I’m a slut, what’s up? Get me lit, I dare you. Shit, these niggas be talking crazy sometimes, on the phone, you know? Then you catch them in person, they don’t want any problems, you feel me? Shit, so I tell them, just lower your tone, you don’t even know who they talking to.

I don’t see it, I don’t see any of that negative shit. I stay away from all that internet shit. That’s federal. I don’t do any of that shit. I don’t need anything to get, nothing. I’m like that. Regular. I drink and do it when it’s time to party, that’s when I drink. When I turn up all the Henny in my system Belair, it’s when it’time to party and celebrates. I don’t need anything else. Run up, gun tucked. Free my Melly Gs, free Clax, free Dean Nice.Free Rocket. Free all my dogs off the island, and upstate. They did the thing to them hold your head boy, hold your head cousin. When you in this gang shit, and you active, and you do these crimes, it’s only two places, you know what I’m saying? I don’t tripping when the homeboys go to jail, that shit regular. It’s sad to say, but I saw mad niggas go to jail, come home, go back to jail, come home. It’s like a continuous cycle. I put my mom through mad shit man. Sometimes you gotta tell her sorry, but it’s all going to pay off now. Once I get that ticket I’m going to buy her a big crib. It was 10 k like the first two, three months.

Now we going up. 092MLBOA. That’s the gang, that’s the block.That’s my family right there. You come to the floors you’re going to see. I can’t talk for everybody else, but niggas like us don’t do it. One call and the whole shit is shutdown. We come into the parties 20 deep, we don’t need any security, we’re going to have security for y’all. I grew up in church, but shit I still had the gun in me at church, just in case you got to send somebody to heaven quick. Don’tfuck around. 10 bands here, 10 bands here. I just wilded out on Manhattan just now. And we about to go back. Young nigga, always saw the gangstas and the drug dealers and scamming niggas going to Bergdorf and cashing out. So that’s what we go and we do. We go to Bergdorf, cash out.Buy the whole store, Christian Dior, Dior.

Don’t try and run up on the Benz, you know I got hammers in the Benz, just chill. Don’t fuck around. That could get nasty. That could get tragic. Outer is a shooter. Shout out my boy Nino.Nino Brown that the big chop. That nigga will shoot you out your sneaks. I just beat some nigga up the other day. Isaw the nigga on the bus, the nigga start bluffing. Yo, I just smacked the shit out of him, that nigga start reaching for… Niggas be pussies, bro. A nigga be so scared that he’ll just start reaching for something he doesn’t get, trying to scare the other nigga.Like, stop that shit. You’ll still get smacked. Because you going to have to kill me. Pussyboy, stop all that running. Niggas be like track stars. Niggas be fast. The homeboys just are saying like, “you runnin’ like Ricky, “so I just “run, Ricky, yeah, he runnin’.” But, facts. Now I think about it, yeah, facts.I did get it from Boyz N the Hood.


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