Selena Gomez new Song is out and I actually am really excited because because they’re so heard that song yesterday I wish I had just waited into them all together but here we can just look at the video I hear it’s fun and she’s kissing frogs which we know what happened in theDisney film princess in the frog which I I’ve been watching a lot in Spanish to learn Spanish there we go Oh it’s #1 on trending damn okay, Good for her love her car, damn What was that? Was that a frog? Ok wait I’m entertained Wait ok… It’s not social distancing themed, which is kind of nice damn she’s gorgeous, i mean… wait, what the fuck wait so does she turn them into frogs? okay yes I need this last scene…

okay first of all is very entertained second of all she is tunningly gorgeous and an insane way and so I guess the storyline is that shethat the potion makes the guys who are not right for her turn into frogs andlike she can see they’re not right for her is that it may exactly sure might have to watch again to completely understand it but regardless I was super entertained and so anyways I will see you all soon, as always like tell me what else I should be reacting to obviously can’t do themall but at least if I don’t react to them all like be listening to them myself and yeah just like expanding my my knowledge of music and and hoping like to know more artists so anyways This was very fun and great video whole album Rare is a gem.


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