Salman Khan dropped his most recent melody ‘Tere Bina’ today, the marvelous number flawlessly catches a romantic tale including Salman and Jacqueline Fernandez. The number has been taken shots at Salman’s indulgent Panvel farmhouse and fans are infatuated with it. From Salman’s cowhand symbol to his science with Jacqueline Fernandez and his dad symbol – Web is overwhelmed with adoration for ‘Tere Bina’.

Tere Bina Song is an awesome number faultlessly discovers a sentimental story including Salman and Jacqueline Fernandez. The number has been gone after Salman’s over the top Panvel farmhouse and fans are charmed by it.

In this Tere Bina tune, the cowboy look of Salman Khan and love bond with Jacqueline Fernandez broke the web by his fans.

Talking about Tere Bina, Salman had prior stated, “Around seven weeks back, when we went to the homestead, we didn’t realize we will be here under a lockdown. So we needed to get things done to keep ourselves occupied. That is the point at which we chose to do these tunes.

Jacqueline said that she didn’t figure they would have the option to pull this off. “We are accustomed to shooting melodies on a huge stage with excellent creation costs. There are ensembles, hair, make-up. Out of nowhere, we end up with a group of three individuals. Just because, I was checking lighting and moving props around. It was an incredible encounter and it showed us how to benefit as much as possible from what we have,” she had said.


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