Everyone’s trying to be unique but also wanna be like social media people that we see every day. And I just thought, well, you’re just like everyone else. You’re not unique. You’re just doing what everyone else is doing. And yeah, it’s easier for you to fit in than it is for me, absolutely. Some little Australian chubby chick coming through with constantly wearing a hat. The back of my hair is falling out. I’m probably wearing dirty tracksuit because I just don care about what I wear because it’s about what is in my brain. I wrote this song about going to a party that was exclusive or is like one of those kinds of parties that people wanna go to. And when I got there, I realized that everyone there was not really having a good time. They were more focused onI guess talking to people about why they were the most important person there.

And no one really was that chatty. Everyone was more just taking photos and just trying to prove to social media that they were there. And to go from two different, very different positions obviously a year ago, I was living in my car and playing music on the street to then going to this kind of lifestyle, I realized the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. And yeah, I love playing my music to people but there were things about this life that I didn’t really like. It’s like a general kind of thing that we’re all talking about. I mean, everything’s so easily accessible. We have Tinder, we have all these things that really kind of stuff we don’t need to actually really communicate and stare face-to-face with people and get to know them. And even if you are at a party or anywhere and you do have that opportunity, it’s really like what do you look like before you even get… It’s working too in a certain way and it happens everywhere. So I think that I just had to say that. And X meaning anything, like whatever. They were all talking about what made them the most important person.

Why I should I give them my attention, which obviously I wouldn’t even think twice before speaking to anyone that wanted to have a chat to me. I guess everyone felt that pressure walking in and wanted to give everyone a reason to talk to it, to be like, oh, well, this is what I do. I do this and this is the best and whatever. And I think that’s the pressure that was in there, whereas I was just there to hang out in the pool and chat and have a beer. I was just like I don’t really see that like let’s connect. Originally, I thought it would be something out of a movie or a TV show. I’m just so used to going up to people and chatting, obviously, living in my van at a hostel for two years around backpackers. It wasn’t enough to be a nice person that wanted to have a chat to have attention, to get attention off people, to get their time of day. And then I thought about it and I’m like, even those parties off movies, I probably wouldn’t enjoy being there myself either. So I think it just didn’t really go with who I am as a person and I would way rather just have a barbecue and some beers and just hang out with my friends and listen to. music. I said it to Abbs, I’m like, we’re getting an Uber, let’s go. So it wasn’t exactly like that ’cause we were both in it together. So it was more asking her do you agree. We did so many yo I’m about to get an Uber takes ’cause I’m Aussie. So I was like, it doesn’t sound right! I’m like, yo, I’m about to get an Uber! Like, oh my God, you gotta get it just thinks of it as singing, just get it, quickly get it in there. So it was really hard to do that ’cause I’m not a talker or a rapper. Like, God, I wish I could. I just would love to writers, but I cannot rap. So it’s like, even talking on a track for me is hard but I was like I gotta do it ’cause it’s what happened and I’m just gonna say it. I think that I made the hook you’re so fucking cool in that way is because I’m very sarcastic and I think that that’s how I would talk. I’m pretty against actual name-calling. And I don’t think anyone not giving me the time of day needs to be called an actual name. I think that’s going a bit far.

It was a sarcastic whatever, you’re so fucking cool. They are probably the only two lines in the whole song where I was actually thinking about something totally different. I was actually frustrated because I was in this label battle and I wasn’t really that keen on signing to a label. I happened to, and long story short, find a bunch of really good people that I felt comfortable with. But at the time, people were giving me stuff, coming to the studio and giving me stuff. And I just hated that and it made me feel really anxious and I didn’t like it. And especially ’cause they were people I knew I just got weird feelings from. I don’t care about who you are, I don’t care about anything that you say that you do or you want or you can give me or anything like that. That doesn’t make a connection between a human and a human unless you’re shallow.

You can look so nice leaving the house. And I don’t take that away from anyone, but don’t bank your whole night on the way you look. You have to be able to be human, communicate. Otherwise, you are just a puppet. There are so many people that are just like I look good and that is it. That is all that matters. All I have to do is be able to say, hi, hello, bye, good and thanks and I am amazing. And that’s not okay. I didn’t typically lose them, but definitely what I was doing when I was living in my car and living at a hostel, playing music on the street, having beers at sunset, running around town, skating around town, makeup was not even a thing. No one wore it.

My friends lived intents, just the raw love that everyone had for each other. To not necessarily push them away and bring in other people but just so happens that these are the people I’m around right now because of where I am and what I’m doing. And it wasn’t necessarily thatI’ve shunned them or anything but definitely, I do miss those really, really, really genuine connections to people that loved you endlessly when you were paying for your petrol with silver coins. Put it this way, we were the only ones in the pool. And we weren’t the hottest girls at the party by no means. I’m pointing to my best friend, Abby, she was with me. Who cares about your makeup? Have fun, otherwise, what’s the point? Don’t let that kind of front that we put on stop you from having a good time and meeting people and actually having memories.


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