Justin Bieber is undoubtedly one of the most influential male stars of today’s generation. With 5 number 1 hits and 7 number 1 records, Justin Bieber has progressively built a connection with the general public he was a teenager — which set him up for massive charting success. With his fourth record ” Purpose ” we arguably witnessed the prime of Justin Bieber’s artistry and commercial success — with Bieber effectively derparting from his teenage based music. Following his highly compact album cycle came a hiatus, where he wouldn’t drop an album for almost 5 years. This lead to the creation of his latest album, ” Changes “, which arrived earlier this year in February. However, contrary to its name, Changes presents an incohesive and lacklustre record which finds Justin releasing unverstaile and monotonic R&B music. So in today’s video, we’re going to go over Changes rollout, success, reception and conclude where he can go from this album. The changes era began with now-infamous lead single, ” Yummy “. Released on the 3rd of January 2020, the single was an R&B song which obtained trap and pop influences. While on paper, the single sounded like it could’ve been a massive hit — the single instead received controversy and backlash which made the single have an unstable chart run. During the single’s tracking week, Yummy was excessively promoted to the general public.

His team released 6 exclusive CDs, 5 vinyls, 7 videos and even an online game. Furthermore, he went as far to encourage fans on his Instagram to stream the single for 24 hours and use VPNs for streaming service, through posting a fan-made streaming guide. Nonetheless, Justin Bieber and his team were aiming for a number 1 debut on the Hot 100, and they were making great sacrifices for it to happen. Yet despite its extreme promotion, the single would debut at number 2, blocked by Roddy Ricch’s organic hit ” The box “. Now, I would be lying if I said that number 2 isn’t an exceptional peak or debut, as a lot of artists unfortunately struggle to enter the top 3. However due to its oversaturation and overexposure in its debut week, the single would be met with extremely poor longevity on the charts. During the creation of this video, the single stands at number 94 on the Hot 100 just 15 weeks after its release. To put this decline into perspective, his previous lead single ” What Do You Mean? “was at number 4 during its 15th week. Furthermore, Yummy has only spent 2 weeks in the top 10 despite its massive promotion. Evidently, Yummy majorly suffered from its oversaturation/overmarketing in its debut week. Because the song had been everywhere and shoved down the general public’s throat, it aged incredibly quickly, and no one wanted to voluntarily listen to the single. Even Its radio performance took a massive tumble — despite breaking the record for the first-week radio adds. What also didn’t help the single’s in its performance was its disposable substance and sound. I will admit that for a while I truly didn’t mind the song, but its over simplicity and lacklustre production made me lose interest in the single shortly after its release — and this was a problem for many listeners other than myself. In the end, Yummy wasn’t a bad song, but it was a mediocre single mistaken for a possible smash hit on the charts.

It goes to prove that even with the biggest team behind you, you can not force a number 1 hit on the charts. The single sounded like a desperate attempt to blow up as a meme single on tik tok, which backfired on Bieber through this reaction by audiences and critics. Shortly after ” Yummy ” was the release of ” Get Me ” featuring Kehlani, on the 28th of January 2020. Serving as the album’s first promotional single, it was used in order to draw attention to the album’s pre-order. The song entered 12 charts and peaked at number 93 on the hot 100 with 3 days of tracking. The single itself conveyed a much more mature side to Justin Bieber and his passion for R&B music. There was also a noticeable vocal chemistry between Justin and Kehlani’s voices. However, the song is quite uninteresting and fails to capture the engaging elements of R&B that you would find on a SZA, Usher or The Weeknd album. With the album expected to be released in February, the rollout of the album seemed incredibly short. Usually, an album is dropped a few months after the lead single’s release — in order to gain hype and pre-units from singles for the record. But the album coming out in February was surprisingly a good idea in the long run as it would stop the album from being impacted by the current pandemic. The final single before the album’s release was ” Intentions ” featuring Quavo. Released on the 7th of February 2020, the single would be dropped alongside a music video, streaming service support and radio play. While the single still contained R&B influences, the song differed from its predecessors, as at its core it was a pop single. This was a smart move by his team as his R&B material such as Yummy and Get Me wasn’t connecting to audiences as they anticipated, so he must’ve got the message he needed to boost his pop radio appeal. The single was an improvement from Yummy; it had somewhat stronger lyrics and a stronger chorus — but lacked the maturity suggested by the album’s title and cover. Debuting at number 11, the single had a slow start compared to his previous second single ” Sorry ” which debuted at number 2.

However the single has demonstrated stability on the charts, unlike Yummy, as it has now peaked at number 8, and has spent 8 weeks so far in the top 10. If the single continues to grow on radio, it may have the ability to enter the Top 5 on the Hot 100. ” Intentions ” is definitely on track to outsell and outlive ” Yummy ” in the long run. A week after Intention’s release, Justin Bieber’s long-awaited 5th album ” changes ” would arrive on the on the 14th of February 2020. As teased by Justin Bieber, the record was an R&B styled album which resembled some of Justin’s previous works such as journals. But in its quality, the album, unfortunately, failed to replicate the range and charming essence his previous work presented. With a Metacritic score of 57, Changes wasn’t received well by a majority of critics. As I previously mentioned, the album is incohesive and lacks a versatile range of its R&B sound. Unlike purpose, Justin was unable to expand the specific genre he was aiming for as he failed to diversify the album’s sound. The record struggles to find a highlight as most songs are saturated with the the same overused message and production. Most songs on the record begin with the same type of beat pattern which really disengages listeners from fully listening to the whole project — which in consequence, lowered its sales. In its debut week, the album debuted at number 1 with 231,000 units in the USA. Evidently, Changes’ debut numbers definitely don’t signify a flop record — it rather illustrates a missed opportunity on Bieber’s behalf. Compared to Purposes’ 649,000 debut units, Changes perpetuates the general public’s loss of interest due to the album’s lacklustre tracklist. While some may turn to his 5-year long hiatus as the reason for his sales decline, Justin still had back to back hits during his album cycle break which continued to spread his name. Justin had built a lot of hype for the revival of R&Bieber, but like many artists, he failed to transfer the hype into consumption.

Overall, as we can see, Justin Bieber’s album went wrong for two main reasons — quality and oversaturation. With an album that fails to have any main highlights, messages or imprint, it’s struggled to gain the same amount of listeners he once had. And at the same time, it’s been overmarketed and saturated towards the general public which only continues to stray away people from the album. I believe that Justin had the belief and expectation that like purpose, everybody was going to buy and stream the record because of the ” R&Bieber ” revival — and that would be assured with his label’s massive promotion. But at the end of the day, no individual outside a fanbase is going to support an album which doesn’t obtain quality songs. Something I want to emphasise is that Changes is NOT a bad album or a flop, but its a greatly underwhelming record that misused the amount of hype he had received during his hiatus. His excess promotion and new markering techniques we’ve never seen before such as releasing separate EPs to divide the album’s songs for moments and events — should’ve been used on a better record which accurately conveys his artistry, impact on pop music, and development as a person. It’s very evident he had high expectations for this album as he’s released countless visuals and created a documentary — but once again, he did all this for the wrong record. As of recently, Justin Bieber has announced he has a new album in the works which most likely confirms ” Intentions ” will serve as the album’s last official single. I strongly believe cutting the era short is a vital decision he must partake in order to not fade away — as there’s no point in continuing to revive an era when audiences are disconnected from the music. Alike Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber can make a companion album to Changes which is better in quality and substance. While the companion album may not produce the results of purpose, it can put him back on track with his successful trajectory — as frequent releases are essential in the streaming era. Conversely, Justin can reinvent his image and sound which will draw a lot of attention to his music.

In my opinion, shock value could really help Justin Bieber and his career right now, so implementing something drastically different from changes in his new album could help facilitate that reaction from audiences. They’ve made it clear they don’t want an album or single rollout that he presented with Changes, so Justin and his team need to take this into account and effective immediately change it for the next album. So on the Changes can serve as the stepping stone and foundation for an even greater record which communicates his original intentions. In the end, Changes wasn’t an album that portrayed Justin Bieber’s changes as a teenager transitioning into an adult. Instead, it embodies the changes he needs to make in his career in order to continue on a stable career and achieve his legendary status. If he chooses to move on from Changes and craft a better companion record or reinvent himself, he’s most likely to maintain his relevance for the upcoming decade. He has the advantage of a postponed tour to move on and create something different + has an incredible team that has shown they will go to great lengths for Justin. However, if he continues on with his mediocre material — it will be very hard to imagine his stance in pop in the upcoming years. But to conclude, it is important to note that at the age of 26, Justin Bieber has achieved significantly compared to many of his contemporaries — which is why it would make it so unfortunate to see him fade at the beginning of this decade, when he’s been such an influential figure for many. Now that is all I have for you today, please like and subscribe and feel free to comment your opinion on Changes down below Please also make sure to turn on post notifications so you can be the first one to watch my videos when they come out. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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